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Welcome to my life. I am an avid video documenter and thanks to my colleagues I have created a reality show about me. Oh there's just one thing, all the videos are about me getting brand new girls to do porn and I film it as part of the show. I tell them I am a porn producer and I have got quite good at lying and convincing even the most professional of people! I get to hang out at pornstar parties where I meet pornstars and have fucked some of them too! If I can do it anyone can.Thing is I'm no looker, hell people might even call me a nerd. But I am a nerd with a difference, I'm not just a nerd I'm a fucking nerd pervert!

Watch How I Play these hot Girls for Fools Making them Believe I'm a Porn Director!

Upcoming Update: Fuck for cash

Model: Tanya Cox
Date: April 25, 2014

Scarlet was going out again and with Tanya again. Fuck these girls nights out man. I am never invited. Well its coz they are girls nights out but thats not the fucking point. Tanya is a sexy minx and she is always up for a bit dirty fun. I could just see us sitting there, and me fingering her wet hole from under neath the table, you guys know I would :0) As usual Scarlet wasn’t ready, I don’t know why, she knew what time Tanya was coming over, but again she was still putting the finishing touches to her makeup and all that other girly shit. So I answered the door to Tanya when she arrived, trying to make out i’m a gentlemen to Scarlet, it never works. Anyway she was telling me about a shoot she had done a few days ago. She said she was gang banged by 3 guys and they came all over her and she was over flowing... This episode is coming soon!

The Cock sucking camera test

Model: Jessica Lo
Date: April 18, 2014

On my own again after Scarlet storming off, refusing to set the cameras for a shoot we had the next day and saying she was going to see her friends a lot more. I used to do shoots on my own years ago but it was getting in the way of my pleasure and thats how I hired Scarlet. So for her to fuck off and leave me with all the work to do I was not happy. Jessica came round when I was in the middle of setting the cameras up to see Scarlet. She wasn’t in of course and I told Jessica about all my troubles. To cheer me up Jessica started talking about shoots she had done and how she swallowed loads and loads of cum... More Here »

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Cock Sucking Con Replay

Model:Lucy Lane
Date: April 11, 2014

Wow Lucy is a cute girl and I almost feel bad for leading her down the same path as the first time I met her but…….. Ah fuck who am I kidding of course I don't feel bad lol. She is such sweet girl and for some reason she thinks I am the man, kind and generous etc.. And I am when my cock gets a polish that is. Lucy if you remember was my old neighbour. We shot her first scenes after talking her into porn, when I say we I mean me. Then she even stepped in for when a model let me down only for the model to turn up and I had two of the bitches to play with. Since then as you know I had moved, well Lucy tracked me down, and wanted to catch up... More Here »

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Cock Sucking Favour

Model:Jessica Lo
Date: April 4, 2014

Ahhh my friend Jessica, heart of gold, sexy arse, massive tits and a hell of a fuck. Now she is the kind of friend you like to have around a specially when there is sexual favours been passed around. Only wish Scarlet was like this. I was bored shitless one day, wandering around the house with nothing to do. I decided to look at some porn on the internet, maybe try and find a new slut to lure back for the cameras. Well what a surprise when Jessica popped up on my Skype. She wanted to know how the scenes we have shot came out. I told her fucking great, hell it had her in after all. Then she started flashing her big tits out at me on camera... More Here »

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