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Welcome to my life. I am an avid video documenter and thanks to my colleagues I have created a reality show about me. Oh there's just one thing, all the videos are about me getting brand new girls to do porn and I film it as part of the show. I tell them I am a porn producer and I have got quite good at lying and convincing even the most professional of people! I get to hang out at pornstar parties where I meet pornstars and have fucked some of them too! If I can do it anyone can.Thing is I'm no looker, hell people might even call me a nerd. But I am a nerd with a difference, I'm not just a nerd I'm a fucking nerd pervert!

Watch How I Play these hot Girls for Fools Making them Believe I'm a Porn Director!

The Polish Slut

Model: Kasia
Date: July 11, 2014

I have always wanted to fuck a foreign bird and today I had the chance to do it. The was a local girl who had just moved into the country and was doing factory work. I was told by the guy I rented the studio off that she had loads of guys she worked with wolf whistling at her at work and she wanted to try her hand at modelling so I took the chance to get her in. I hadn't never seen a picture of her before she arrived but if loads of guys she worked with wanted to fuck her I figured she would be hot as that many guys can't be wrong right? When she turned up I was like wow, she was hot... More Here »

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Shy Mouth Job

Model: Kandie
Date: July 04, 2014

Kandie contacted me about a shoot and seemed really keen. Back then I was just getting used to shooting porn and I was completely new to it, these archived clips are rare but I feel they are really important on the man I came to be today that they are worth seeing. Well I say man I am today, more like fucking perve I am today. When Kandie arrived she was really shy and I mean really shy, she was quiet, answered my questions when I interviewed her on camera but was really quiet. Still what did I care, she was here to suck cock so long as she made be cum I couldn't give a fuck... More Here »

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A Spunky Favor

Model: Lucy Lane
Date: June 27, 2014

This girl is so lovely, so kind and so trusting it almost makes me feel guilty. I know you guys will be expecting me to say next….. Only joking of course it doesn't, but maybe just a tiny bit I do. She never questions me, she just smiles, and bends over which really that's the ideal women right there isn't it?. No matter what I say, no matter what I ask she just does it, she goes along with it. If all women were as easy to talk into fucking me as lovely Lucy, I think I'd be king of the world now and I'd change all the laws and the women of planet earth would be fucked if I was in charge haha... More Here »

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