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Welcome to my life. I am an avid video documenter and thanks to my colleagues I have created a reality show about me. Oh there's just one thing, all the videos are about me getting brand new girls to do porn and I film it as part of the show. I tell them I am a porn producer and I have got quite good at lying and convincing even the most professional of people! I get to hang out at pornstar parties where I meet pornstars and have fucked some of them too! If I can do it anyone can.Thing is I'm no looker, hell people might even call me a nerd. But I am a nerd with a difference, I'm not just a nerd I'm a fucking nerd pervert!

Watch How I Play these hot Girls for Fools Making them Believe I'm a Porn Director!

The return of the Big Tits

Model: Tattiana
Date: December 19, 2014

After chatting tattiana up on a chat site that Scarlet kept mistaking it for a dating site, that really kept pissing me off, she always said she would come back. I sort of expected she would with her being a swinger and thats how I met her but you never truly know. She may of seen through my bull shit, done her research online and found out I'm a fraud or she just may of found this site, where I brag to you guys that I bone chicks all the time with made up stories to convince them. When I received her call however I was over the moon. She said she wanted to come back for the second part of the audition process or as she called it round 2... More Here »

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Poor Sweet Student

Model: Bunni Soonies
Date: December 12, 2014

Oh fuck what a fucking cutie this girl is, 19 years old, stunning with a cracking set of tits on her. If Anakin Skywalker was on his way to being Darth Vader in Episode 2 then I was well on my way to being the Nerd Pervert I am today. I talked this girl into doing a porno with me, thats not surprising now but back then wow, this was when I was starting to learn my art. She had come round for a photo shoot, now she had student loans to pay and she wanted to do what she called a sexy photo shoot in her e-mail. Well her idea of a sexy photo shoot and mine are too different things... More Here »

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Serial Wanker

Model: Saskia
Date: December 05, 2014

Sometimes I am lucky though. I have been toying with the idea of creating a fake website to act as these so called fake US agents I say I work for, just on the off chance that some bitch I've conned in the past decides to contact them to confirm my credentials. Not all of them will believe what I say forever. Luckily this week I had uploaded it and just in the nick of time too. As Saskia was a girl who wanted to be a model, so she decided to by pass me and go directly to them with a personal shot video to show them of her twatting herself off. Good job they didn't exist or I wouldn't of got any action... More Here »

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