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Welcome to my life. I am an avid video documenter and thanks to my colleagues I have created a reality show about me. Oh there's just one thing, all the videos are about me getting brand new girls to do porn and I film it as part of the show. I tell them I am a porn producer and I have got quite good at lying and convincing even the most professional of people! I get to hang out at pornstar parties where I meet pornstars and have fucked some of them too! If I can do it anyone can.Thing is I'm no looker, hell people might even call me a nerd. But I am a nerd with a difference, I'm not just a nerd I'm a fucking nerd pervert!

Watch How I Play these hot Girls for Fools Making them Believe I'm a Porn Director!

The cheating Cock Sucker

Model: Missy Kink
Date: May 29th, 2015

I love fucking visits from sluts, and to be honest they don't come much better than a visit from Missy Kink. I really didn't think me chatting her up in a bar would come to anything the first time I met her. After explaining to her all my fake agent bull shit, she seemed interested but I thought she had just had too many glasses of wine. So when she turned up the next day and said she wanted to give this whole porn thing a go well, I was straight in there. Then she caught me at a bad time a few weeks after when I had about 6 girls all wanting to shoot with me. Missy turned up and I didn't really have time to speak to her, as the more she kept me chatting the less chance I had at fucking... More Here »

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Cock Cure

Model: Danielle Darlow
Date: May 22nd, 2015

I cured a lesbian, I cured a lesbian , I cured a lesssbbiannnn. Sorry lets back track a little as I'm getting ahead of myself, but I did cure a Lesbian though. No really Danielle my sexy new neighbor or Danni as she likes to be called? I was lucky enough to get her on camera a few times when she called round, and yes I bet you guys were thinking the same thing, when is she gonna do a video. Well after a few weeks of talking to her, I was thinking the same thing. I was already planning on how to bring up all the American agent bullshit that I tell the other girls, however with her being only down the street from me, I was trending carefully... More Here »

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Cock Whore

Model: Sophie Simpson
Date: May 15th, 2015

Another boring day. No bitches to suck my dick, no whores to ride my hard nerd cock. I must be pretty difficult to live with I actually feel sorry for Scarlet. If it was the other way around I wouldn't be able to but up with anyones moods and moping about the house because its over a week since they last had their balls emptied by a slut. I was just shooting some stuff for the site and Scarlet got that sick of me she went out and left me on my own. Now call me stupid but Scarlet going out cheered me up and gave me a purpose. The amount of times Scarlet has left me by my self and then I've either seen a hot girl go past the window or I've been out and managed to lure some hot chick back to mine for a coffee... More Here »

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